Eredi Fiorino Galmarini offers a wide choice of products that meet the needs of multiple markets.
The main feature is the continuous search for improvement and quality, as well as the application of technological solutions that allow us to respond quickly to all requests.
Today the company is specialized in the production and sale of fabrics for interlinings and in particular for waistband reinforcement,
trouser pockets, reinforcement shoulder pads, plastrons and sleeve-head rolls. The production includes cotton muslin for clothing, technical textiles, canvas and screen printing. We can produce fabrics using a variety of fibers such as cotton, linen, modal, viscose, camel hair, wool blends, nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Even the height of the tissue can vary from 100 cm to 250 cm. The product range offered is extensive and there are many opportunities to explore new markets and new products that enable the technologies and company skills to develop.  
Every product and every process are studied and prepared with the utmost respect for the environment and in line with the latest ecological standards.